Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Strawberry Cake: Take 1

Some time ago I stumbled upon a recipe that sounded so delicious--White Chocolate and Fresh Strawberry Bagatelle. I love love love white chocolate and with fresh summer strawberries and cake, well yum! So I had been keeping this recipe on my "must try" list but to be honest I found it very intimidating. Just take a look at the picture and you'll understand why. Well I finally decided to tackle this recipe. I went to Earth Fare to get some high quality white chocolate and I picked up some local strawberries from the farmers market. The recipe calls for 12 ounces white chocolate for the top, but when I looked at the price of white chocolate I quickly decided that 12 ounces was a bit too much. Yes it looks lovely in that picture, but I figured it would be a hard sheet of chocolate on top and not really that edible, so I cut it back to about 2-3 ounces of shavings on top.
Another change I made was that the recipe instructs to bake the cake on a 12 x 18 jellyroll pan and the cut it into circles. I just baked it in 2 cake pans so it made the layers a little bit thicker. Otherwise I followed the recipe. It actually wasn't that difficult. Once the cake layers cooled, I placed one inside the ring of a springform pan, then layered in the cut strawberries, the white chocolate whipped cream, the other cake layer, and the remaining whipped cream. Then I chilled it overnight, removed the cake ring, and topped with the white chocolate curls.
This cake was really really good, but I think it could have used more strawberry. The reduced amount of white chocolate on top was perfect.

Next up is another strawberry cake!