Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesdays with Dorie: Hungarian Shortbread

Wow, I have been really slack this month, huh? I made both of the TWD recipes but I've just been too lazy to do the write ups. Good thing we have an extra Tuesday this month!
Please visit our lovely hosts to see the full recipe--1smallkitchen and  The not so exciting adventures of a dabbler….
I read all the comments about this recipe in advance so I knew it wouldn't be what I think of as shortbread, a crunchy, buttery, cookie. This are a softer, filled bar and some people liked that aspect but some didn't.
I like to follow the recipes so I made the rhubarb "jam." I had to call around to find the rhubarb since it isn't something commonly found at the markets here. Fortunately Harris Teeter had some! The jam came out much thinner than typical jam--it was more like a puree. I'm not sure if that is how it was supposed to be or not.

I made the jam the day before and then tackled the shortbread dough. This recipe calls for freezing the dough and the grating it in two layers. I thought this was very unusual but I guess it does serve to make the finished product lighter in texture. I used my box grater and it was really not too much of a hassle.
Layer 1

Add the rhubarb jam

Layer 2

Hot from the oven
As you can see below, you can barely even see the rhubarb jam. It basically incorporated into the bar. I would have preferred a more distinct jam layer but these were still yummy.

These are super buttery and rich so definitely a once in a while treat!

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